British Canoeing Personal Performance Award

Award Description

This award is designed to develop your understanding of how to plan and paddle a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) in sheltered water, using the appropriate abilities and decision making skills to travel safely on your pre-determined route.

Your SUP Sheltered Water Award will give you the ability to organise and carry out an enjoyable and safe trip on the water up to 200 metres from shore, up to force 3 in winds. You will be confident in considering how far you can safely travel from the shore, whilst identifying safe exit points, expanding your knowledge of rescue techniques and looking at the external and environmental factors which may affect our journey. You will create proficient skills to anticipate and adapt to problems we may encounter to enable us to have a safe and enjoyable day out stand up paddleboarding. Your award should be seen as a sound basis for building the experience and knowledge associated with SUP White Water Award holders and SUP Surf Paddle Award holders.

Read more about the SUP Sheltered Water Award Programme here (pdf)


Because the Sheltered Water Personal Performance Award is focused on providing the knowledge and skills required to paddle safely up to 200m from the shore you should consider completing the DISCOVER Award before completion.  If unsure please discuss with one of our Level 3 Coaches

What to bring

We are unable to deliver the Sheltered Water PPA at Pinewood so relocate to other suitable venues that provide the environment required.  These all are established watersports centres that have shower facilities on site and we always recommend showering after being in / on the water and all provide top quality boards and equipment.

All equipment and personal protection equipment is included in this package but you are free to use to use any personal equipment you have, but ask that you inform us first in order for us to assess it’s suitability.

You will need to bring:

  1. towel
  2. water bottle
  3. water shoes
  4. sunscreen (rec w/p F50)
  5. shorts / tee-shirt
  6. wet suit (if you have one)
  7. lunch / snacks

Let us know if you want to hire a wetsuit as we have some available for hire.


On arrival at our chosen destination, you’ll be met and checked in by one of the team who’ll explain everything that’s going to happen.  This will include any venue specific information or restrictions.

You’ll be shown where to change and when ready you’ll have an introduction to the kit and a safety brief, then we’ll head down to the lake, warm up and get on the water.

The programme will cover everything from safe paddling in different wind conditions, the experience of paddling away from the shore, self rescue and providing assistance to other paddlers, but everything will be geared to your requirements on the day.

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