Pinewood lake is a small, shallow wild woodland venue.  The lake is fed by rain and ground water, with no direct streams or rivers entering the lake.  Historically the lake bed has collected fallen leaves that built up on the lake bed.

This is a natural feature of the bio-diversity of the site and although we manage the site to remove fallen branches and submerged obstacles, the lake bed will always be a living environment that supports our fish, amphibians and insect life.  During 2022 we significantly improved the ecology of the lake by introducing two key interventions to improve water quality.  These include installation of a purpose designed sub-aeration system that introduces oxygen throughout the lake and introduction of a eco-friendly bacteria treatment that feeds off decomposing leaf matter and prevents the accumulation of material that encourages algal blooms

Our instructors are experienced in the ecology of the site and working with U16s so know how to make learning interesting, safe and above all fun.

The most important thing to bring is a can-do attitude and appetite for fun!

We provide top quality boards and all equipment so the only things that you will need to bring are:

  • towel
  • water bottle
  • water shoes
  • sunscreen (rec w/p F50)
  • shorts / tee-shirt in summer
  • wet suit in colder seasons (we have a stock of our own that we can hire to you if you let us know in advance)
  • snacks / food
  • We have shower facilities on site and recommend showering after being in / on the water.
  • We ask that parents / guardians / responsible adults ensure that participants apply a high factor, waterproof sunscreen prior to taking part in this session, as even on a cloudy day the levels of UVA and UVB reflected of the water can be high.

Let us know if you want to hire a wetsuit, as we have some available for hire but will need to know in advance as we may not hold all necessary sizes on site.

If you’re not familiar with the site, we ask that you arrive 20mins before your session so that we can get you booked in and for you to get changed and down to the lake.

If taking pictures and video, please be considerate of others and refer to our safeguarding and use of photographs policy.

On arrival you’ll be met and checked in by one of the team who’ll explain everything that’s going to happen.

You’ll be shown where to change and when ready you’ll have an introduction to the kit and a safety brief, then we’ll head down to the lake, warm up and get on the water. Parents / responsible adults are more than welcome to watch from the lake side. If you’re taking pictures or video please be considerate of others and do not share images on social media of U16’s without the permission of the relevant parents / guardians / responsible adults.

During the session, we understand that different people learn at different rates and in different ways, so we’ll start slowly, getting you used to floating on a SUP and steering from a sitting / kneeling position.

We’ll then get you standing up, paddling forwards, turning and climbing back on.