Ecological solutions our priority

Our lake at Pinewood is set in mature woodlands and has developed into natural oasis that supports lots an incredible biodiversity. The recent exceptional heat wave has put the lake under considerable pressure that resulted in a significant algal bloom that rightly caused us to suspend operations. This is normal in natural lakes when the temperate rises and levels of nitrites in the water increase due to reduced volume and so our decision to suspend activities reflects how seriously we take health and safety at the site.

Rather that revert to chemicals that would address the algal bloom but harm everything else in the lake, we were pleased to work with Ash and the fantastic team at Envii Ltd to source their amazing Envii Lake Klear product. This introduces billions of friendly nitrite and algal munching bacteria into the lake to restore the water quality without impacting any of the other wildlife in the lake.

The results have been truly impressive and this week sees the lake reinstated as our centre of operations for the paddle board school.